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Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, which I used to regard as one of the safest cities around the world despite its currently itensified fanancial and economic status, is no longer prevented from danger.
I and my family did not undergo any harm yet quite a few vincinial areas were suffering from earthquake. >"< Although it was only a minor one, I was quite scared since not once in my life, I have witnessed earthquake. >"<
Hope everything will be fine.

Blah blah blah

On checking my twitter account, I came across Chester Bennington's twitter (Linkin Park and Dead By Sunrise's lead singer). I was like  when bumping into one of his naive tweets that reads "What is a FANFICTION STORY?". Haha, it struck me hard. I cannot believe they (celebs) have no idea what fanfics refer to? It means that maybe Kame and Jin, Ryo and Uepi, Pi and Yuya etc have not heard of fanfics? I'm curious about their reaction if they encountered a fanfic about themselves, esp ones with rating NC-17. XD XD

P/S: those gifs were not made by me. If you own them, poke me and I'll give you a proper credit. :D~


I am Akame's secret lover. XD XD

Happy weekend everyone!


Today I came across a restaurant specializing in Japanese cuisine and it's called KAZU. XD XD Too bad it's currently closed due to the  Lunar New Year holiday. T__T Gotta try its food when it's opened again. XD XD

Mangakas also idolize Japanese idols? LOL

Random stuffs XD


My very first entry @ LJ

I've been getting bored these days.
My access to FaceBook is blocked. (And I dont want a fake id or my real id to be hidden)  :'(   => I'm isolated. :((
So I start hitting on LiveJournal.
Hope that I can make friends with you guys, especially those having interest in JE boys.
It's quite hard to find someone in my country (Vietnam) that knows Japanest singers, actors, actresses..., let alone liking them. :((
Whereas, Korean stuffs are found in every corner. :'(
PS1: Here is a picture of Kame I love so much. It totally cracks me up. =)) He looked young & cute, ne? But why can he be more beautiful than I am, although he is 100% a BOY? (Hazzzzzzz, how envious!)

PS2: It's ridiculous that I find myself automatically type in English. English is not my mother languague and I know, my English sucks. Hope it will get better. :"(